American Institute of Architects, San Francisco Chapter

Small Firms

The Small Firms Committee of the American Institute of Architects, San Francisco Chapter provides a group source for collecting and sharing knowledge among architects of small firms and mostly residential projects. Monthly meetings include professional presentations and round-table discussions of topics relevant to our business and the unique qualities of working in the Bay Area.

Meets: 3rd Thursday of the month, 8:30 am
San Francisco Design Center, Showplace Building lobby cafe, 2 Henry Adams Street

Visit the Small Firms Committee Yahoo Group.

Monthly Meeting Minutes

Small Firms Committee monthly meeting minutes are available to download in PDF format.

Year Month Topics Minutes
2015 November Interpretations and Variances w ZA Scott Sanchez View
2015 October Hire, Fire, Boom or Bust View
2015 September Historic Preservation with Tina Tam Senior Planner View
2015 August Getting Paid: Part 2 View
2015 July CBC Updates with Kirk Means and Rick Halloran of DBI View
2015 June RDT Update and Getting Paid View
2015 May Simplifying Planning Submittals View
2015 April Title 24 Lighting - Kelly Cunningham, UCD Lighting Technology Center View
2015 February BALL PARKING, CONSTRUCTION BUDGETING with Jaimie Stewart of Landmark Builders View
2014 August New Title 24 codes and LED lighting View
2014 February Survey results discussion and Top 10 topics for 2014 View
2013 October Linda Herman, Project Management discussion View
2013 June Firm Succession, CEQA, Constructed Realities View
2013 April Clients, Constructed Realities, AIASF Home Tours View
2013 March Advantages of being a sole proprietor, Adding admin staff View
2013 February Getting information to contractors, Three C's of good drawings View


  • Starting and Growing a Small Firm (1.5LU)

    Featured Event

    Starting and Growing a Small Firm (1.5LU)

    Join the Small Firms Committee for a panel discussion designed to help architects who have recently branched out on their own, have a growing firm or are considering starting their own business. This best practice discussion will bring together some of San Francisco’s leading architects for an evening of focused conversation and invaluable insight. Join us for a lively workshop and panel discussion centered on business development.

    Professionals who have recently branched out on their own and architects considering ...

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  • 3D HD Laser Scanning for Small Architecture Firms (1 LU)

    Featured Committee

    3D HD Laser Scanning for Small Architecture Firms (1 LU)

    3D HD Laser Scanning for Small Architecture Firms: Using Advance Technology to Leverage New Workflows.

    The use of 3D HD Laser Scanning or LiDar by surveyors, contractors, and designers is beginning to be more prevalent across the U.S. These sophisticated devices are able to capture spatial areas quickly and accurately in full color 3D by using lasers and high resolution image capturing. Due to major advancements in range and accuracy along with reduced size, weight, and cost; more design ...

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  • Lecture

    Small Business Committee Meeting

    How to Hire: advertising: Identifying core values, strategies
    Risks of the 1099 consultant and recent State crackdown
    Experience, expectations, training
    Boom or Bust: Challenges and Opportunities
    Small Firms Employment Support

    Join Michael Bernard of Virtual Practice and Hannah Brown of Brown Creative Consulting in a roundtable conversation where they will provide management mentoring to Architects

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  • Small Firms, Great Projects Exhibition

    Featured Event

    Small Firms, Great Projects Exhibition

    In collaboration with the American Society of Landscape Architects, Northern California Chapter, AIA San Francisco presents Small Firms, Great Projects - a magazine publication, online and companion exhibition showcasing the innovative and award-winning work of local architecture and design professionals. The program provides a venue for small firms to showcase their best work and highlights the talent and diversity of those practicing in the San Francisco Bay Area. An inspiring catalog of design ideas and style that is both engaging and ...

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