Berkeley OG-Ex Housing (Ohlone Greenway Extension)

2022 Unbuilt Design Merit Award

The Ohlone Greenway Extension is a speculative project that looks to increase housing density in Berkeley. Adjacent to a residential neighborhood, an abandoned Santa Fe rail line cuts at a diagonal through the city. We propose to reclaim this land to create multi-family housing and a new greenway for all.

The jury appreciated how this project addresses the need for an increase in available housing through the activation of spaces in the urban fabric that are often forgotten. This is a lovely modern design and compelling prototype for multifamily living that integrates with parks to provide accessible green space and places for community gathering. The proposal increases housing density and reduces the need for motor vehicle use while championing the natural environment through the addition of a greenway that features pleasant landscape design, the thoughtful use of native plantings and habitat for local fauna, and the encouragement for recreation and connectivity through trails.

Sidell Pakravan

Groundworks Office