The Hive

2022 Social Responsibility Commendation

The Hive™ is a non-traditional library centered around arts education and free, public event space—no books or computers here! Taking cues from its 1950’s era commercial strip context, The Hive™ is both “building as billboard” and “art as activator” where BIPOC makers-in-residence occupy storefronts that engage the community.

The jury applauded the very economical creation of a compelling project. Efficient and thoughtful approaches through aspects like supergraphics and garage doors result in a space that is effective and very user-friendly. The project team completed extensive community engagement with all stakeholders; the result is a facility that serves as a creative model to engage targeted underserved communities. The project excels in well-being, integration, and equitable communities; it is also notable that the project is designed for inevitable change to continue to meet the needs of the community over time.

Group 4 Architecture, Research + Planning

Integrus Architecture

General Contractor
Leone & Keebel

Project/Construction Manager
Hill International

Smith, Fause & McDonald, Inc.

Audio Visual
Smith, Fause & McDonald, Inc.

Civil Engineer
AHBL Civil Engineer

MW Engineers

AHBL Landscape Architecture

MW Engineers

Lara Swimmer

Integrus Structural