Sebyeol Brewery

2021 Architecture Honor Award

Located in Paju, Korea, Sebyeol Brewery is made of dyed concrete cast in situ by reusing local pinewood. Different textures and degrees of roughness of cast concrete, positioned sequentially from outside to inside, were to reflect surrounding nature and to house the required space for brewing.

The jury praised the Sebyeol Brewery for standing apart as a project of continual reinvention—reinvention of materials, tectonics, use, and the very notion of the contextual. The architecture team’s capacity to edit was notable throughout, with the interiors as rigorous and humane as the building’s sensual façade. The Brewery's experimentation with tinted, textured concrete is stunning. It is a joy to see this level of material exploration elevate the simple beautifully lit volumes creating an experience like no other brewery. The project is a tour de force.

YKH Associates

Sebyeol B&F Co.

Dosi Construction

Dongwook Jung