Stanford Residence

2021 Architecture Merit Award

This remodel for a Stanford University professor with a lifelong passion for design celebrates the utilitarian and the abstract. While the exterior strikes a stealth, monochromatic profile, its interior and workshop addition boasts a radical openness. Practical and intensely personal, the home embraces a life of introspection and unbounded creativity.

The jury was greatly intrigued by this residence. While the renovation of the existing home is interesting, it is the barn and workshop that truly convey the unique interests and personality of the owner, something that should be evident in every custom home and is executed with fascinating success here.

COTE Comments

In their review of the project, AIASF's Committee on the Environment found that this home remodel and added (unconditioned) studio workshop embrace many of the AIA Framework for Design Excellence’s 10 categories, especially Design for Integration, Economy, Change, Resources and Well Being, while demonstrating that retrofitted buildings can be seamlessly designed to use less energy than their benchmark; this project boasts a 52% Energy Use Intensity reduction.

The blending of outdoor landscape and indoor spatial transformation exemplifies the tenets of Design for Well Being and Ecology, including drought-tolerant natives and airy shaded connections between inside and out. In line with Designing for Discovery, this project was the architect’s first time tracking the building’s performance via the AIA’s 2030 DDx. The Committee was delighted to know that we can all learn something new every day. Kudos!

JENSEN Architects

General Contractor
Donecho Construction

Johanna Grawunder

Surface Design

Civil Engineer
Nterra Group

Strandberg Engineers

Murray Engineers

Johanna Grawunder

Building Envelope
Blanco Architecture

Matthew Millman Photography