The Hamlin School

2023 Architecture Citation Award

The School’s master plan identified the following strategies to modernize their educational program: improve the circulation between buildings so the School feels like one place; re-envision and re-design the classrooms to accommodate their pedagogical goals; enlarge the classrooms to accommodate the number of students enrolled; rationalize the distribution of classrooms; establish a regulation-size gymnasium; and establish a flexible and capacious performing arts space.

The project unified the campus with new, rationalized vertical circulation that connects the separate buildings. Simultaneously, the project created new, flexible program space by demolishing the rear half of the McKinne building and excavating beneath and behind it. This concentrated the work in the interior of the site, minimizing impact to the stunning Bay views, and created space for a large double-height gymnasium, radically expanding the School’s athletic program, above a multi-function performing arts space, which radically expanded the performing arts department.

Newly enlarged classrooms were re-organized into pairs on the north side of the McKinne building where they take best advantage of the large windows, soft light, and views. Each pair of L-shaped classrooms is connected by an operable partition and by a shared project room, supporting creative work. This layout results in differentiated learning spaces to support different modes of learning: individual, small group, large group, and so on. The new classrooms are organized by grade level, with the children ascending the building with age.

A new, accessible entrance welcomes students, parents, and visitors, connecting directly to the multi-function performance space and two interior lobbies.

Mark Cavagnero Associates

Owner's Rep / Project Manager
Pacific Union Development Company, Inc.

Herrero Builders


Civil Engineer

REAX Engineering

Cost Estimator
TBD Consultants

O'Mahony & Meyer

Syska Hennessy Group, Inc.

Treadwell & Rollo; Rollo & Ridley

Carey & Co. Inc.

The Marshall Associates, Inc.

Shades of Green

Auerbach Glasow

Mechanical & Plumbing
Costa Engineers, Inc.

Emily Borland Specifications

Structural Engineer
Murphy Burr Curry, Inc.

Telecom / AV / Security

Theater / Performing Arts
Auerback Pollock Friedlander

Wiss, Janney, Elstner Associates, Inc.

Mike Kelley