Bloomfield Artist’s Studio + Garage

2018 Architecture Merit Award

Located in rural western Sonoma County, this garage and artist studio is an addition to a late 19th century farmhouse. The design envisioned a simple space, which would integrate with and make the most use of the landscape, while capturing the vocabulary of farm structures.

There is room in architecture for well-designed and -crafted buildings that fit their vernacular context while exceeding the limitations of traditional use and detail. This pair of forms provides a scale that—while perhaps smaller than the traditional barrel barn—nevertheless fits with the scale of the house and gardens, and provides a truly unique serial repetition of large doors and large spaces. The interior details—simple as they may be—are allegiant to the overall form, resulting in unexpectedly fun and unique spatial and formal moments.

Levy Design Partners

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Ironwood Builders

Structural Engineer
Level Structural Engineering

North Coast Waterproofing

Bernard Andre Photography