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We are pleased to have you as a co-promotional partner for the AIASF Housing+ San Francisco 2050 Design Competition. The following is suggested content for use in your promotions:

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Help Solve San Francisco's Housing Crisis!San Francisco faces a critical housing crisis, with a severe lack of housing units available to both renters and home buyers. Recently, new policies have been enacted to address the housing crisis and to promote high-density housing. These new rules offer designers and architects the opportunity to explore solutions on how new housing units are designed and constructed.The AIASF Housing+ San Francisco 2050 Design Competition will provide designers with a chance to offer innovative approaches to creating new housing, improving transportation access, and enhancing urban design. As our city grapples with the challenges of housing affordability, homelessness, climate change, and social fragmentation, we look to examine new forms of housing that are affordable, sustainable, and equitable to all. Learn more at www.aiasf.org

For competition inquiries:
Claire Hansen
AIASF Programs Associate

For media inquiries:
Matt Donohue
AIASF Communications Manager

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Raul Orellana
AIASF Development Associate

For general inquiries:
info@aiasf.org | 415.874.2620

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- The AIASF Housing+ San Francisco 2050 Design Competition seeks design ideas and typologies that address an ongoing housing crisis. Learn more at www.aiasf.org

- The AIASF Housing+ San Francisco 2050 Design Competition seeks solutions for innovative new housing typologies for the city of San Francisco that look to the future, creating more equitable and resilient urban communities. For more information visit www.aiasf.org.

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