Fresh Brew: The Human Aspects of Collaboration Technologies (1.5 LUs)

COVID-19 has been acting as an awareness and transformation accelerator towards short-term and hopefully longer terms ways of working.

Join us for this special edition of “Fresh Brew: Virtual Design Hour” as we feature two top scholars whose work embodies what effective collaboration with technology means in building projects as it relates to the human aspect of collaboration. Note: This is a live interactive Zoom meeting; all registrants will have the opportunity to participate in breakout sessions and engage with the speakers. Limited to 80 participants. 

REGISTER AIA Member: $30 | General Admission: $45 | Student: $10

Dr. Renate Fruchter
Founding Director

Project Based Learning Laboratory (PBL Lab)
Civil and Environmental Engineering Department, Stanford University

Dr. Flavia Grey
Senior Data Strategist
ZGF Architects

2020 AIASF Design Technology Committee

Cesar Escalante
Matt Staublin

Content Advisory Team
Dave Alpert
SoYoung Lee
Adam Rendek
Tony Rinella
Zigmund Rubel
Rotimi Seriki
Thomas Simmons

Learning Objectives

Participants will learn:

1. Transformative impacts of emergent technologies on remote team work and work in general;

2. Technology augmented collaboration to bridging disciplines, time zones, and culture;

3. Effective collaboration work practices, processes, and indicators;

4. Integrated physical and virtual environments that offer new ways of working and support productivity;

5. Harmonizing occupant well-being, effective collaboration, and sustainable building performance.

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July 9, 2020


10:00 am - 11:30 am




  • Dr. Flavia Grey
    Dr. Flavia Grey
    Senior Data Strategist, ZGF Architects

    Dr. Grey is a Senior Data Strategist with ZGF Architects, where she leads the firmwide Data Research and Development group. She holds a PhD degree in Civil and Environmental Engineering from Stanford University. Her doctoral research focused on quantifying, modeling, and simulating the dynamic interaction between occupants and buildings towards harmonizing occupant well-being and building sustainability. In 2017, Flavia created the popular U.S. Green Building Council podcast “Built for Health”, where she interviewed public health professionals, researchers, and building-industry practitioners about designing, building, and operating healthier buildings.

  • Dr. Renate Fruchter
    Dr. Renate Fruchter
    Founding Director, Project Based Learning Laboratory, Civil and Environmental Engineering Department, Stanford University

    Dr. Fruchter is the founding director of the Project Based Learning Laboratory (PBL Lab) in the Civil and Environmental Engineering Department, at Stanford University. Her R&D focuses on collaboration technologies in support of cross-disciplinary, geographically distributed teamwork in education and corporate settings. She studies the relation between technology-people-place-process. She is a designer of interactive learning- and work-spaces, and studies the impact of technology on learning, engagement, knowledge work productivity, emergent work practices and processes, team dynamics, and assessment. Her latest research focuses on harmonizing occupant well-being and building sustainable performance developing analytics using IoT building, biometric and psycho-physiological data. She is the developer of the innovative “Architecture, Engineering, Construction Global Teamwork” course launched in 1993 engaging university and industry partners worldwide.

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