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Celebrate the 100th anniversary of Walter Gropius’ Bauhaus in this film screening of “Bauhaus Spirit” (90 min.), a lively and wide-ranging exploration of the movement uniting modern design, art, architecture and performing arts with communal social living to form an academic discipline and utopian way of life. Combining free imagination and play with strict structure, Bauhaus’ members included Anni Albers, Marcel Breuer, Wassily Kandinsky, Paul Klee, Ludwig Mies van der Rohe, László Moholy-Nagy, Oskar Schlemmer and more.

Emily Hagopian, national award-winning architectural photographer; Owen Gump, visual artist; and Richard Neill, photographer, filmmaker and founding director of Adventure Pictures, will lead a discussion varying topics related to this most comprehensive film on the subject to date and touch on how this influential 20th-century movement’s history, legacy, and continued relevance in an age where function and environmental sustainability have taken on new urgency.

About the Speakers



Emily Hagopian is a national award winning architectural photographer based in San Francisco. Photographing projects for design, manufacturing, and hospitality clientele throughout the United States, Emily prides herself on working seamlessly with her clients, creating beautiful imagery and strong relations with the project team. Her keen eye for compelling composition and lighting allow her to capture interiors and structures in a manner that exemplify their essence and the flow of humanity within them.

Owen Gump is a Bay Area-based photographer whose work examines the relationship between built environments and nature, focusing on landscapes of the American West and their representation of cultural ideologies, past and present. After completing his undergraduate degree in Urban and Community Studies at the University of Washington, hestudied photography at the Kunstakademie Düsseldorf and the Academy of Visual Arts in Leipzig, Germany, where he received an M.F.A degree. His work has been exhibited widely in Germany and the U.S, and he has received numerous art grants, residencies, and awards, including the “Kunstpreis der Leipzger Volkszeitung”, and the “Chargesheimer Prize of the City of Cologne”. His photographs documenting the Haus am Horn in Weimar, one of the earliest examples of Bauhaus architecture, were exhibited at the Museum of Photography in Braunschweig, Germany in 2019.

Richard Neill, photographer, filmmaker and founding director of Adventure Pictures, has produced films and multimedia projects focused on urban design and architecture which have aired nationally on PBS, National Geographic, and Discovery Channel, with additional projects shown at the Mak Museum, Vienna, the National Building Museum, Washington, D.C. and in film festivals across the country.

Film Credits

Title Bauhaus Spirit: 100 Years of Bauhaus
Country Germany
Year 2018 Running time 90 minutes
Directed by Niels Bolbrinker, Thomas Tielsch
Producer Thomas Tielsch
Production Company filmtank Film+Medienproduktion
Photographed by Niels Bolbrinker
Edited by Niels Bolbrinker, Thomas Tielsch
Written by Niels Bolbrinker, Thomas Tielsch
Music by Jarii van Gohl
Sound by Jörg Theil Animation by: Yorgos Karagiorgos
Featured interviewees include:
Torsten Blume Researcher, Bauhaus Dessau Foundation Rosan Bosch Founder of Rosan Bosch Studios, Copenhagen Christian Mio Loclair Dancer and choreographer Stephen Kovats Cultural and media scholar and urban planner Alfredo Brillembourg Architect, ETH Zurich; co-founder, Urban-Think Tank Hubert Klumpner Architect, ETH Zurich; co-founder, Urban-Think Tank Van Bo Le-Mentzel Architect and designer
Produced by ZDF and ARTE

This AIASF program is part of the 100-year anniversary celebrations of the Bauhaus in partnership with the Center for Architecture + Design and the Museum of Craft and Design (MCD). is a traveling exhibition, developed by the Bauhaus-Archiv/Museum für Gestaltung, Berlin, in partnership with the Goethe Institut San Francisco. presents 100 key works from the world’s largest collection of Bauhaus photography, which is comprised of more than 70,000 images.

100 photographic reprints presented at the partnering venues will display the wide variety of ways in which photography was used to document and foster creativity at the Bauhaus. Categorized into four themes – life at the Bauhaus (celebrations/performances, everyday life/leisure, and life in the workshops), portraits, architectural and product photography, as well as images from the Bauhaus’ only photography course, headed by Walter Peterhans – these prints provide an extensive overview of the artistically diverse Bauhaus campus. AIASF will showcase the majority of the photographs spanning all four themes in the Center for Architecture + Design gallery. Additionally, in their front galleries, the Museum of Craft and Design will feature 30 photographs focusing on design objects, weaving workshops, and product photography. Related Events

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Film Screening: “Bauhaus Spirit”
AIASF + Center for Architecture + Design Gallery
130 Sutter Street, Suite 600
October 17, 2019 | 6:00 – 8:00 PM



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