An Inside look at Carbon Accounting: BCCA & Cal Green

Course Description:

Along with energy conservation measures, sustainability trends are continuously becoming more robust with high focus on carbon emissions, product transparency and resiliency. The Buy California Clean Act and the new Cal Green 2024 code cycle have placed an intense focus on Type III Product specific and Factory specific EPD Counts as they pertain to Embodied Carbon and its impact on the GWP.

With the advent of BCCA and Cal Green 2024 code updates building professionals must commit to creating spaces that encompass not only appropriate measures for the health, safety and welfare (HSW) of building occupants but also take responsibility for Designing and Building projects with Documented and compliant EPD counts.

This course will analyze these new code measures while guiding design and build professionals on finding a pathway to compliance.

Attendees will be able to leverage the in situ experiences discussed into best practices that can be applied to future projects.

Learning Objectives (1 LU/HSW Pending)

1. Understand how to design a BCCA/Cal Green compliant Project, including the limits for BCCA and how to read an EPD.
2. Recognize how to overcome common challenges in building a BCCA/Cal Green compliant project from both the design and build perspective.
3. Understand the documentation steps in a BCCA/Cal Green Project, including the role of the subcontractor.
4. Evaluate the responsibilities of the Architect and the General Contractor as they pertain to achieving Compliancy.

Organizer: Pamela Sadler, Architectural Manager, CA, NV ROCKWOOL
Moderator: Alejandra Nieto, Sustainability Manager ROCKWOOL

Panel Participants:

Skidmore Owings & Merrill: Francesca Oliviera, Principal, Technical Design
Project : COB3, San Mateo

Turner Construction: Jacoub Younes, Sustainability Champion & Emi LaFontaine, Sustainability Integration Manager
Project: DGS – Resource Building Renovation Project (RBR), Sacramento


February 1, 2024


5:00 pm - 7:00 pm


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