Coping with Coronavirus: Design Firm Challenges (1.5 LU/HSW)




Dealey, Renton & Associates presents a complimentary Practice Management Program Webinar.
The current design and construction challenges change every day, but some issues are consistently prevalent. Three of those biggest continuing themes are:

  1. Project interruptions and delays;
  2. Electronic document control and communication; and
  3. Construction site administration and access.


Learning Objectives:

  • Identify the core challenges created by the Coronavirus limitations;
  • Manage the schedule interruption and extension impacts;
  • Quantify the economic cost-benefit balance of building beyond the level of survivability towards continuous use.
  • Secure control and contract compliance over electronic documentation and design issues; and
  • Develop strategies to manage and respond to construction administration service in light of limited site access.


About the Speakers:



David A. Eriksen, Esq
Severson & Werson leads Severson & Werson’s Design Professional Practice. He represents and counsels design professionals in claims litigation and contractual and risk management issues.
David is a trusted resource for firms, insurers, Professional Associations and DRA.


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