Craft Whiskey Tasting and “Thermal Envelope Performance, Windows + Walls Built for Tomorrow” (1 LU)

A two part presentation that combines an exploration of new products in the marketplace providing solutions for improved performance of the exterior wall assembly. This is coupled with an advanced course teaching perspectives that encourage efficient, healthy, and intergenerational fenestration decisions through an analysis of architectural rating systems, the value of window materials over time, existing scientific research, and human factors.

Featuring craft whiskey tasting!

  • 5:30 pm  Hors d’oeuvre and Cocktails
  • 6:00 pm  Welcome and Introductions
  • 6:15 pm  Material Advancements for Thermal Performance in Walls
  • 6:30 pm  Window Wellness, Earth, Energy & the Human Factor
  • 7:15 pm  Panel Discussion and Q&A

Program, food and beverages generously sponsored by Golden Gate Window + Door Design


Learning Objectives

  1. Develop applicable understanding of key component make up of high performance, thermally defensive exterior walls.
  2. Analyze current product advancements in key drainage components that advance the evacuation of moisture in the wall assembly.
  3. Implement design considerations for windows as they relate to the promotion of human wellness.
  4. Master understanding of critical window performance nomenclature such as U-Factors, Solar Heat Gain Coefficients, and Visible Light Transmission as it relates to energy efficiency.


About the Presenters

Robby Myer, the Architects Concierge on YouTube and creator of the industry’s top annual Architects focused building materials review presentation “10 Best New Products” hosts Thermal Envelope Performance, Windows and Walls built for Tomorrow – an evening with the AIASF. Robby brings decades of experience and provides an in-depth view on product integration and advancing construction technology – please join him and keynote speaker Chris Martin for an evening of collaborative discussion and education.

Chris Martin is the Commercial Sales Manager for Building Materials Distributors in Galt Ca. the Western United States Distributor of Marvin Windows and doors. Chris facilitates educational programs, providing training for the AAMA accredited Installation Master’s Program, on-site best practice installation workshops, presents on installation and developing fenestration technologies, and provides forensic consultation. Chris has been in the Fenestration industry for more than 25 years.

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