Is Your Firm Prepared? Business Continuity Planning for Architects



Floods, cyber-attacks, pandemics, and unexpected staff absences are just a few of the risks that can prevent architecture firms from remaining open and profitable during disaster and disruption. And yet only 22% of firms with 1–19 employees have a Business Continuity Plan.



This exclusive live course will explore the business impacts of common and timely hazard events, review the essentials of business continuity planning, and introduce a new guide that, when implemented, will leave firms with the confidence to weather any storm.

You’ll hear from leading firms how ransomware, hurricanes, the sudden loss of a firm leader—and yes, even COVID19—can impact your employees, clients, projects, and ultimately, your ability to conduct business. They’ll share lessons learned from their own experience and best practices in business continuity planning for the building industry. At the end of the course, you’ll know how to perform a business impact assessment and develop a plan to reduce business disruption for your firm.

Register for this special live course to get critical insight from seasoned architects on how business continuity planning can not only keep doors open and projects moving, but also position firms for new market opportunities and enhance client services.


Learning Objectives:

  • Understand the elements of a business continuity plan and its value in reducing risk and protecting profits
  • Know where to source hazard and climate risks that can disrupt your ability to conduct business
  • Learn a methodology for analyzing business impacts triggered by various hazards
  • Apply checklists from AIA’s Guide to Business Continuity to develop actions for your firm to minimize disruption

If you are unable to join, please share your thoughts, procedures, ideas and questions so we can all learn. We hope you will join us to share your experience.

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