PARKlets of San Francisco + the World

Online introduction to virtual and self-guided Tours:

Tour 1: PARKlets of SF + the world
First in a multi organizational program of infinite tours and urban activities

AIASF Mentorship Committee and Urban Design and Infrastructure Committee featured first

event introducing a program of events as part of an AIASF multi-committee program of infinite self guided and virtual Tours for PARKlets, PARKingDay, POPOs, Ports & waterfronts, Pandemic responses and beyond (8P Tours) lead by the Urban Design & Infrastructure Committee of the AIASF.

“Virtual PARKlet tour – a self-guided virtual discovery map for observing and documenting the current state of PARKlets and their foundational history including PARKingDAY & PARKlet resources, codes, guidelines and contracts in San Francisco, CA relevant to the first two legs of the program”


The events in this series are exclusively available online courses during CoViD-19 pandemic until the reopening of the AIASF facilities. Please register at link below to gain access to the Zoom Panel Discussion with Q+A session at end.

This multi Architect presentation by the AIASF Urban Design + Infrastructure Committee and AIASF Mentorship Committee members will show participants how to use the resources available for a self-guided and self=documented tour of PARKlets in San Francisco and the world which will form the foundation for the following events in this program featured by the Urban Design Committee (UDIC) in collaboration with the Mentorship Committee (MC), International Practice Committee (IPC) and the Center for Architecture + Design with an eye to future collaborations with other organizations.

The Urban Design and Infrastructure Committee program director for PARKlets, POPOs and beyond will briefly provide instruction on the PARKlet Tour available on the AIASF website followed by an inspirational introduction by the UDIC Program Director for PARKingDAY to the 2020 virtual PARKingDay program being conducted on the same interactive map-set as a joint effort between UDIC and the MC with Q+A and breakout groups to follow in the second 30 minutes.

This brief intro session forms the foundation for immediate action by architects, allied design professionals, and citizens to engage in our urban space without being in the same place at the same time (practicing exemplary physical distancing). The intent is to provide a venue for self education, exploration, conversations, research, and engagement in tactical urbanism for the benefit of the communities of the world. Future events will build on this preliminary survey by the participants with a documentation venue for initial observations and layered build-up of knowledge and resources for a comprehensive understanding of San Francisco’s evolving priorities and leadership for the use of public spaces on land and water and how they may inform and be informed by similar investigations worldwide.


Learning Objectives

After attending events in this event participants will be able to:

  1. Find PARKlets, identify previous and future PARKingDAY sites, develop and understanding fo the licenses and laws that form the foundation for these urban interventions as well as resources about future tours like POPOs, Ports & Waterfronts Public Shore treasure hunt, Pandemic impacts & response, etc…) and also document their findings, selfies, comments and ideas via the AIASF UDIC webpage and other means.
  2. Learn how to access a common folder for the documents used for PARKlets and PARKingDay, POPOs and Ports to date as well as future guidelines in progress to help with pandemic response. Be inspired to document solutions for equitable use of public space that increases the safety and opportunity of all people and living things in times of health, economic and social crisis.
  3. Discuss the challenges of creating public uses on and around curb edges and learn where to find the technical solutions to address accessible path of travel, the latest infection control standards, best practices, etc….
  4. Discuss different approvals processes between PARKlets and the current pandemic response. Learn about how citizens are reshaping our environment through tactical urbanism and how licensed design professionals can interact with these processes.
  5. Discuss the cultural, infection control and climatic influences on the design and use of PARKlets and how that original City of SF program was influenced by ReBARs first PARKingDAY in 2005. Learn about ReBars open license and other original documentation guides and inspirational writings.
  6. Illustrate sustainability strategies for creating new communities where public spaces meets private philanthropy and be part of the conversation regarding use of public right of way spaces where so many conflicting needs are now compounded by physical distancing needs.
  7. The educational opportunities expand with each event and the tour activities themselves offer ample ground for additional self-documented and self reported learning units as well as opportunities for “out of office NCARB AXP mentors” within the Mentorship Committees program.

Featured Resources: see the UDIC 8P Map layers and linked dropbox folders for resources being added to the UDIC website regarding each tour

Coming up next in this program of UDIC events, tours and exhibits:

  • Online Introduction: PARKingDAY 2020 a virtual look at the playing field of the annual AIASF competition [also with MC], September 2020
  • Online Introduction: Pandemic response 2020 a virtual look at all public spaces and evolving strategies to protect the public, October 2020
  • Online Introduction: POPOS 2020 a virtual look at the past present and future of POPOS, November 2020
  • Virtual Public Shore treasure hunt to complement the AIASF Waterfronts Symposium, Date TBD
    • The Symposium is led by the International Practice Committee and supported by UDIC and their guests, addressing the preceding waterfront program events.

For more more information about the Committees and their events:


Registration for AIA San Francisco and Center for Architecture + Design events constitutes your agreement to the use of you and your guest(s) image or voice in event-related digital and print reproductions (photo/video/etc). If you do NOT agree, email

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July 27, 2020


12:00 pm - 1:00 pm






Online Event


AIA San Francisco
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