SMPS SFBAC Knowlegde Network Tour – Salesforce Park


Seventy feet above the Grand Hall, the Salesforce Transit Center Park runs a nearly four-block stretch. In an area where spacious greenery is highly coveted, the landscaped 5.4-acre park is a community space for all, whether it’s a yoga class on your lunch break, enjoying a concert with friends or simply enjoying the fresh air. Home to 600 trees and 16,000 plants arranged in 13 different botanical feature areas, it is a public oasis in the heart of San Francisco.

SMPS SFBAC offers an exclusive opportunity to hear all about the project, start to finish, directly from the team. We’re developing, sharing, and evolving from knowledge gained to help us as marketers and business developers, to better understand our audience and frame our marketing and communications. Join us, stretch your legs, look around, ask questions, and apply what you learn on your next big project!

Register for the tour HERE.

8:30 AM – Event Start (includes breakfast)
9:15 AM – Tours Begin
10:25 AM – Exit Park
10:30 AM – Street Level Plaza Tour
10:45 AM – End

Peter Walker Partners
Mark Cavagnero Associates

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