WEBINAR: Building with SIPS: Smarter, Faster, Cheaper, + Greener (1 LU)

Structurally Insulated Panels, or SIPS, are cost-effective, high-performance, pre-fabricated & pre-insulated building panels that connect together easily as walls, roof, and floors for residential and light commercial construction. SIPs are engineered to provide more durable, energy-efficient buildings, all while being constructed in significantly less time than traditional ‘stick-frame’ construction. Utilizing these advanced building materials & technologies allows you to build smarter, faster, greener, and for less money than traditional methods. Construction is facing a paradigm shift with new alternative forms of construction that are leaps and bounds ahead – these new methods will help make construction more affordable and attainable, and less wasteful. Come learn more about this!



Learning Objectives

  1. learn more about alternative forms of construction revolutionizing the industry;
  2. learn how to build greener;
  3. learn more about a solution to zero-net-energy requirements;
  4. get an edge on your competition and build cheaper.


About the Presenter

Lindsay Moon is a builder with Green Galaxy Builders, and a licensed mortgage broker with Searchlight Lending. Lindsay’s strives to make construction greener and more affordable and strongly believes that prefab construction methods are going to help revolutionize an industry that’s overdue for an overhaul. Construction is difficult, time-consuming and expensive and methods are old and inefficient; SIPS are a means to building smarter, faster, greener and cheaper and Lindsay works with homeowners and home professionals alike on utilizing these methods – saving everyone time and money all while building greener. Lindsay and family live in Novato; when not geeking-out on homes, design, and architecture, she’s gardening, volunteering, sailing, or going on adventures with her family.


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