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Dream of Beautiful Resilient City and Make it Happen

The Future of Architecture

Why a Future HQ? Why now?

AIASF has continually adapted to keep pace with San Francisco’s competitive environment by re-thinking programming, expenses, and services. This resilient spirit is what keeps us relevant to the community we serve.

To become the hub for all things architecture and design, and to meet the demand for expanded programs, AIASF and the Center must grow beyond their current size and capacity and become more accessible.

Building a ground floor headquarters has been a project in the making for years. The relocation process represents the leadership and the generosity of AIA members, industry allies, and individual donors.

Architect's Impact

Aidlin Darling Design is selected as the Architect to conceive AIASF and the Center for Architecture + Design new headquarters.

With over 10,000 square feet of space, the project to create the new headquarters on the ground floor of the historic landmark Hallidie Building is an exciting challenge for the architects. Aidlin Darling’s leadership and vision will help us meet our goal to expand on community-oriented programs, exhibitions, and gatherings, and embark on new partnerships.

Our new storefront will serve as a beacon for AIA members and allied professionals, and will greet passersby -- locals, visitors, and design enthusiasts – in this vibrant downtown neighborhood.

“We feel that visual porosity is a crucial element in raising the potential of true engagement with the community. With the headquarters new location on the ground floor, there is a great opportunity to visually engage with the public through the façade of the building.”

– Roslyn Cole, Principal at Aidlin Darling Design

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AIASF needs your help, now more than ever, to take this crucial leap into the future to meet the demand for expanded public programs and engagement in the community.

Have questions about this campaign? Please contact us sponsorship@aiasf.org.

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