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Private Residence Construction – Purpose and Promise
Private Residence Construction (PRC) is a new general contracting venture in the niche market of building high-end commissioned private homes.

At PRC our work is defined by our client-first approach. Founded on core principles of leadership, collaboration, and teamwork, PRC’s unique performance model is one of deep engagement with our clients and their architectural, engineering, and design (AED) teams.

While transforming clients’ visions into masterfully crafted legacies, PRC intends to stand apart in the high-end residential market. Our mission is one of innovation that will enrich lives as we guide our clients through a construction journey filled with excitement and delightful anticipation.

Founding Team – Shaping the Future
To complete preparations and launch flagship operations in Northern California, we’re seeking another to join us as founding Principal. We’re searching among our AED community for an experienced business developer.

This is an invitation to co-create a leading enterprise, an opportunity to work intimately on a dedicated leadership team. The alignment among us will be foundational to our success. Let’s create a culture that not only embodies our core values of client first leadership, collaboration, and teamwork, but also one committed to fostering a balanced team to reflect our dedication to diversity, equity, and inclusion.

Together, we will navigate PRC’s growth, while mentoring and steering our company through its critical phases of development, to build a transformative and enduring enterprise, marked by our exceptionally progressive practice.

Dedication and Commitment
The investment we’re seeking from a co-founding principal is measured in expertise, dedication, and commitment. Joining us at this foundational stage means engaging in an entrepreneurial adventure, although without the requirement for capital investment. We’ve already seeded the ground for us, underwriting our belief in PRC’s potential, and serving as a foundation for our future.

As we launch PRC, our initial compensation structure reflects our startup phase, where compensation for principals will commence as revenue begins to flow through our first projects. During the initial phase of building our portfolio, our collaboration will set the stage for significant financial rewards, supported by PRC’s well-thought-out business financial model.

Transition and Integration
We recognize the challenges that come with engaging in this groundbreaking venture. Together, let’s thoughtfully plan your transition to complement your current commitments while fully embracing this exciting opportunity at PRC.

During this transition, while gaining deep insight into PRC’s vision, mission, and values, we’ll engage in its strategic planning and its extremely progressive performance model. We’re committed to making your move to PRC an enriching experience – that you are well-prepared to take on this leadership role.

PRC Launch – Comprehensive Preparedness
With a corporate foundation, licensure secured, and sophisticated process management systems in place, we are ready to take on projects. And to ensure our operations align with our clients’ interests, to minimize risk, to manage our financial obligations while optimizing our performance, to attract, develop, and retain top project management and project supervision talent when creating our workplace culture, and to incorporate security in our operations – PRC has already engaged a world-class team of legal, risk management, tax advisory accounting, human relations, and information technology consultants.

These strategic partnerships underscore our capability to manage high-value projects with integrity. We are well-prepared to meet the aspirations of our discerning clientele. In our niche market this is crucial given the nature of the projects we perform.

PRC Vision – Call to Action
At this pivotal moment, PRC is an emerging vision awaiting its leadership team to breathe life into it. We invite you to reach out to discuss how your aspirations may align with the future of PRC. To explore this unique opportunity, to discover more about our team dynamics visit Private Residence Construction.

As Business Development Officer, you’ll take the lead, with your assistant executive administrator, in the continual building of relationships with the architectural, engineering and design community. It’s this AED community where projects on their boards are first introduced to PRC. Your essential role will be to acquire and develop new projects for the PRC project management and project supervision teams to perform. While working closely with three other regional principals, you’ll shepherd those new projects through their preconstruction phase to groundbreaking at the start of their construction. And you’ll have the lead among principals to plan, direct, and manage the strategic marketing outreach at PRC.

Qualifications for the Business Development Officer
This is a Principal role where leadership qualities, visionary thinking, decision-making capabilities, and the ability to inspire and manage supporting teams is essential.

Ability to embody PRC’s client first approach with a high degree of emotional intelligence combined with an ability to operate in an empathic, collaborative, deliberate, and meticulous manner.

Bachelor’s degree in architecture, business administration, marketing, or related field. Advanced degrees including elements of business administration, and marketing, as well as architecture preferred.

Minimum 5-10+ years of experience in business related to high-end residential design construction. Extensive experience managing relationships with clients and AED stakeholders leading to the acquisition of high-value projects in this market.

Deep understanding of the AED+C community and the owner’s representative community performing in the high-end residential design construction market in Northern California, preferred. Knowledge of this particular market, its dynamics and competitive landscape, preferred.

Strong capability in strategic planning, executing business development strategies, and experience in positioning a company to achieve competitive advantages in this sector.

Strong networking abilities to maintain and expand relationships in the AED community. Exceptional communication skills, capable of effectively presenting ideas to engage clients and their AED teams.

Solid understanding of the financial modeling and the particular business and economic aspects of performing the general contracting role in this market.

High level of adaptability and flexibility to manage unique challenges. Strong problem-solving skills with a proactive approach to resolving issues and mitigating risks.

Self-starter with the ability to learn quickly, work both independently and as a team member, and to prioritize and handle multiple tasks simultaneously in an organized and efficient manner.

Ability to work collaboratively with PRC Principals and PRC’s cross-functional project management teams to enable the successful transition of projects from acquisition through preconstruction to groundbreaking at their construction start.

Responsibilities of the Business Development Officer
This role involves strategic implementation and execution of PRC’s business development activities, focusing on establishing, expanding, and maintaining PRC’s presence in this high-end residential construction market, particularly within the AED communities in Northern California.

Strategic Business Development
Develop and execute PRC’s comprehensive business development strategies. Identify opportunities and lead the assessment and approach to new business aligning with PRC’s capabilities and growth objectives.

Relationship Building and Networking
Cultivate and maintain strong relationships within the AED community to secure a consistent flow of new projects into PRC’s portfolio. Engage with potential clients, their representatives, and professional associations, to enhance PRC’s market visibility and business opportunities.

Project Acquisition
Lead the process of project acquisition, from initial contact through to contract negotiation and closing. Collaborate with PRC’s finance and legal teams to confirm that contract agreements align with PRC’s strategic goals and risk management policies.

Marketing and Promotional Activities
Oversee the development and execution of marketing strategies and promotional activities that enhance PRC’s brand recognition and reputation. Utilize a variety of platforms, including digital marketing, public relations, and industry events, to promote PRC’s capabilities and successes.

Leadership and Team Management
Provide leadership and direction to the business development and marketing team, ensuring alignment with PRC’s goals to reach its business targets. Mentor and develop team members, fostering an environment of professional growth and continuous improvement.

Collaboration with Internal Teams
Work closely with PRC Principals and project management operations to enable a seamless transition of projects from acquisition to execution. Ensure that insights from market and client interactions are shared across our organization to improve project outcomes and client satisfaction.

Process Management
In collaboration with PRC Principals and project management operations, team govern and/or tangentially administer the preparation, delivery, and execution of these key documents that form the backbone of client interactions:

PRC Agreement 1: Confidentiality, which secures the foundation of trust and privacy essential to our operations; PRC Agreement 2A: Performance Terms Agreement and PRC Agreement 2B: Preconstruction Phase Agreement, ensuring all terms are clear and tailored to the specifics of each project; PRC Estimate, which details a project scope of work, identifies its resources, and provides a comprehensive line-item budget; and PRC Agreement 3: Construction Phase Agreement, which solidifies the execution terms and conditions.

This sequential preparation, presentation, and execution of PRC process management ensures a transparent, smooth, and client-focused progression from initial engagement to project kickoff.

Reporting and Analytics
Monitor and report on business development activities, providing regular updates to the PRC leadership team. Use data-driven insights to refine business strategies and improve decision-making processes.

Strategic Planning Contributions
Contribute to the strategic planning of PRC by providing expert insights into our competitive landscape, and client needs. Participate in executive meetings and strategy sessions, bringing your business development perspective to discussions on company growth and operational efficiency.

Reasons to be the Business Development Officer at PRC
As a professional performing the business development role or perhaps performing a role leading to a business development director role within an AED firm you might consider transitioning to this role at PRC for several compelling reasons:

Leadership and Influence
As a Principal director, you will have the opportunity to set the vision and direction of this firm, to have a significant impact on PRC’s culture, philosophy, and operational strategy. If passionate about shaping a progressive future and influencing an innovative practice, this can be a highly rewarding position.

Mentorship and Development of Talent
As a Principal director, you will have a platform to nurture talent, influence the firm’s educational culture, and ensure the professional growth of PRC teams, which may be a significant personal and professional motivator.

Broader Industry Impact
Moving from AED to construction allows you to influence a larger part of the building process. While AED focuses on design, PRC encompasses the realization of these designs. This shift can be appealing if you are looking to have a more hands-on role in bringing architectural visions to life.

Strategic Business Skills Utilization
As a professional in AED business development, you possess skills that are highly transferable to PRC in the essential areas of project acquisition, contract negotiation, risk management, and strategic planning.  Your ability to bring in new business, manage client relationships, and strategically guide PRC’s growth will make you a highly valuable asset.

Networking and Relationships
Likely you have built an extensive network within the AED community. Leveraging your relationships can be a strategic move, facilitating a smooth transition while opening doors to new opportunities for PRC.

Challenges and Personal Growth
Stepping into this Principal director role involves new challenges in strategic decision-making and navigating the complex business landscape of our general contracting service. These challenges will drive personal growth and provide a new set of stimulating career objectives.

Overall, transitioning from your business development role in an AED firm to PRC allows you to leverage your skills in a new context. These new challenges can invigorate your professional career and provide a fresh perspective. Such a move may be strategically beneficial for your career and personal fulfillment.

The Business Development Officer at PRC is a dynamic role requiring a proactive approach to building relationships, acquiring new business, and leading marketing efforts. This position is crucial for driving PRC’s development and expansion and establishing its reputation as a top-tier provider in the luxury residential construction sector. An ideal candidate will bring a robust network and a track record of successful business development within our community. This role requires a blend of strategic vision, industry expertise, and exceptional interpersonal skills to navigate the complexities of our niche-market and drive PRC’s success in Northern California.

Compensation and Benefits

For this Principal position, consistent with our three-year plan to be performing at our fully developed production value, the annual compensation package, illustrated in detail in the PRC business financial model, once we are performing at our capacity, is at the $1,000,000 mark, inclusive of benefits – profit sharing, 401k, health insurance, vehicle, and vacation. As Principal you have a shared equity position in the PRC corporation as well.

Profit Sharing
Reflecting our collaborative teamwork ethos, principals, executive administrators, project managers and superintendents share equally in profit distributions – all benefit from the success we create as a team.

To support our long-term financial security, PRC will offer a 401(k)-retirement plan. This benefit is designed to encourage and enhance our team’s financial planning, providing an additional layer of security as we build our futures with PRC.

Health Insurance
Comprehensive health coverage will be provided to protect the well-being of ourselves and our families, recognizing the importance of health in maintaining high performance.

A branded company vehicle, vehicle insurance, and vehicle expenses are provided to support our roles, facilitating requirements to engage clients, the AED community, and project teams directly.

Generous vacation allowances are granted to recognize the need for balance and rejuvenation within our high-performance culture, allowing ourselves time to refresh and return to work invigorated.

Equity Ownership and Vesting Schedule
As a vital member of our leadership team, you will be granted equity shares in PRC. This equity stake ensures that our interests are aligned and that each Principal is deeply invested in the prosperity of the company. The equity granted will vest over a period of three years, consistent with our three-year plan to be performing at our fully developed production value. Vesting typically commences upon the successful completion of an initial evaluation period and continues progressively, promoting ongoing engagement and performance.

Engagement and Development
I encourage an open dialogue about the PRC business model and operational strategies. As a co-founding Principal, you will engage deeply with our organizational structure and financial planning processes. This transparency ensures we are well-informed and fully aligned with our business objectives and strategies. Let’s take a close look together at PRC’s organizational chart and its very thoughtfully developed business financial model.

How to Apply
Joining the leadership team at PRC means engaging with a pioneering group dedicated to excellence in luxury residential construction. To apply for this co-founding principal position, please see the guidelines below:

Submit Your Application
Your resume should highlight your relevant experience and specific skills pertaining to this role you are applying for. Attach any additional documents or portfolios that demonstrate your previous work or accomplishments in the AED community or relevant fields. Send your detailed resume and a link to your LinkedIn profile to

Selection Process and Interviews
Applications will be reviewed on a rolling basis to assess fit with the required qualifications and PRC’s core values. Shortlisted candidates will be invited for initial interviews, which may be conducted virtually or in person. During this phase, you will meet with Robert Wadginski, CEO, and other PRC Principals onboard, to discuss your experience, vision, and how you can contribute to PRC’s future.

Further Assessments
Depending on the initial interviews, further discussions or tasks may be required to better understand your capabilities and fit for the role. Final candidates will undergo a comprehensive evaluation, including reference checks and possibly additional interviews or presentations.

Equal Opportunity Employer
Private Residence Construction (PRC) is an equal opportunity employer. We celebrate diversity and are committed to creating an inclusive environment for all employees. All employment decisions at PRC are based on business needs, job requirements, and individual qualifications, without regard to race, color, religion or belief, family or parental status, or any other status protected by the laws or regulations in the locations where we operate.

Equal Opportunity Leadership
At Private Residence Construction, we are dedicated to fostering a balanced leadership team that reflects gender diversity as a core strength. We believe in the power of diverse perspectives to drive innovation and excellence in building high-end residential projects. As such, we are committed to promoting gender equality in our recruitment and encourage both men and women with leadership aspirations to apply. We strongly encourage applications from qualified women and men equally, aiming to achieve gender parity in our leadership team. If you are ready to contribute to a progressive and inclusive culture, we encourage you to apply, regardless of your gender. Together, we will shape an equitable and innovative future in luxury residential construction.

Privacy Statement
PRC respects your privacy and is committed to protecting your personal data. All personal information submitted in the application process will be handled in accordance with applicable data protection laws. By submitting your application, you agree to the processing of your data by PRC and acknowledge that your information will be used exclusively for this recruitment process.

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