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Ever heard the phrase “Good Enough (or “Close Enough”) for Government Work”?  Since the 1960’s, this phrase has been used to reference poor quality production and/or construction and has become somewhat of a joke.  Believe it or not, this phrase was originally coined in WWII and referred to the highest quality and performance standards so that it could be used to win the war, just the opposite of the implied meaning today.  In other words, if a project or product was NOT built to the highest exacting quality and standard of care, it was in fact NOT “Good enough for Government Work”.

San Francisco Public Works’ Bureau of Architecture (BOA) is a full-service Professional Architectural office that regularly provides Architectural Design services to over 15 City agencies in San Francisco. We are one of very few City Departments in the U.S. that employees a full architectural design and production staff of 68+.  Our work includes high quality Civic projects such as Fire Houses, Libraries, Recreation Buildings, Parks, Public Safety Buildings and Health Services buildings.  We are proud to be providing full-service design and construction for our great city.  BOA currently has an opening for a Project Architect with Healthcare experience. This position is under the classification of a 5268 Architect and closes on December 1, 2022.

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