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SGPA Architecture and Planning is a leading architectural design firm with offices in San Diego and San Francisco. Over four decades, we’ve become specialists in projects that feature or blend retail, education, multi-family residential, and wellness & senior living. As a mid-sized firm, we’re small enough to offer individual guidance and access to principals’ expertise, yet large enough to engage in high-profile retail and institutional projects. SGPA’s projects have repeatedly received national recognition and awards for design excellence. Our greatest honors come from clients who continue to return with new assignments.

Our San Francisco office seeks a Senior Project Manager who is seeking long-term career relationships with potential for advancement and has experience in multi-family housing and senior living.


  • Licensed architect in the state of California with ten or more years of experience.
  • Executes and coordinates medium to large-scope projects with many complexities.
  • Oversee a staff of architects, job captains, and other support staff members.
  • Extensive experience with Senior Living projects, including new construction and occupied rehabilitation.
  • Extensive experience with Multi-Family Residential projects, including affordable and market rate.
  • Experience in zoning and building codes, including OSHPD, CBC, and NFPA


  • Exceptional communication skills.
  • Attention to detail.
  • Ability to successfully manage multiple projects and project team members.
  • Extensive understanding of materials and methods of construction.
  • Excellent graphic and design capabilities.
  • Ability to use or learn industry standard management software including Microsoft Excel, Project and others.
  • Ability to manage the preparation of Construction Documents that accurately reflect the design intent.


  • Primary client liaison from start to finish.
  • Responsible for interpreting, organizing, executing and coordinating assignments from beginning to end, including prepare contracts, strategic plan, develop project objectives, program, scope, budget, schedule, staffing, and management plan.
  • Plans and develops architectural solutions concerning unique complexities
    Selection of items for investigation and development of new concepts and methods
  • Assure the most efficient and cost-effective execution of assigned projects.
  • Use advanced techniques and modification/extension of theories, and practices.
  • Develops consultant team scope of services, approves consultant team selection and fee with Project Principal.
  • Coordinate all project efforts; administrative, design, and technical.
  • Establish and maintain program, project communications, and documentation.
  • Supervision includes overall project objectives, critical issues, and firm’s policy matters.
  • Overview staff, consultants and quality assurance assignments and performance.
  • Monitor scope and schedule revisions with timely adjustments thereto.
  • Actively manage the schedule, budgets and scope to satisfactory completion.
  • Provide oversight and monitor of work of less experienced project managers and architects.
  • Develops staffing requirements for staff selection and approves team assignments by Operations.
  • Conducts project meetings and reviews with Project Team as required.
  • Prepare for and reviews project regularly with Project Principal and Director of Operations.
  • Reviews project status with Project Principal.
  • Provides motivation for each member of the project team.
  • Manages project team and monitors performance in order to assure compliance with all project objectives and requirements, including budget and schedule performance (both client and firm’s).
  • Manages time effectively and meets established utilization goals.
  • Conducts and documents lessons learned.

Marketing/Selling Business:

  • Develops strong client relationship and seeks opportunities to gain business.
  • Develops and maintains a continuing client base sufficient to support both the individual’s and the firm’s project needs.

Personnel Development:

  • Provides evaluation of project team’s performance.
  • Clarifies needs and assists with personnel development.
  • Mentoring and teaching of the Project Team.

We offer a comprehensive benefits package including 401k, medical, dental, paid vacation, and flexible spending options. Capable and enthusiastic job performance will be rewarded with opportunity and responsibility. Our unique office schedule of 7:30am to 5:30pm Monday to Thursday allows you to enjoy longer weekends, as the office closes at 11:30am every Friday. SGPA is an Equal Opportunity Employer.

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