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We are looking to add a talented Senior Project Manager to join our group of experienced team members. The candidate should have broad expertise, with a focus on Healthcare, and be enthused about joining SKA’s shared commitment to our clients through Critical Thinking, Learning and Listening, Thoughtful Solutions, and Integrated Project Execution. Competitive salary and excellent benefits, including a flexible hybrid work schedule, are available.

About Smith-Karng Architecture
Smith-Karng Architecture is a team with the desire and ambition to make big impact to the world. Our clients are all over the map throughout the Bay Area. We believe that our work can add value and meaning to these healthcare facilities.

We are a team that is energetic, creative, passionate and curious. Our culture is about aspiration, embracing change and challenges, listening and learning from each other, encouraging continual learning, and inspiring collective growth. Join SKA for an exhilarating opportunity to wear more than one hat and achieve personal satisfaction in the work you do with a family-oriented team of knowledgeable designers and architects committed to the betterment of the healthcare and patient environment.

We are passionate about what we do and are looking for people who share the same passion, deep architectural knowledge, and are eager for taking on more responsibilities.

What we’ll count on you to
If you are an energized Senior Project Manager and passionate about solving problems and supporting the exceptionally dedicated internal and external partners. We are looking for someone with exceptional communication and leadership skills. The ideal candidate is someone who is masterful at balancing multiple stakeholders and providing design impact at the right time. You will engage directly with clients and become a trusted partner in helping them craft and dene their priorities in a way that aligns with the design process. You will be able to take on a project from inception to completion with minimal principal supervision.

The hats you may wear

  • Engage directly with clients and become a trusted partner in helping them craft and define their priorities in a way that aligns with the design process.
  • Advocating for the project design and quality, you’ll need to have significant experience managing the design team needs along with project scope, schedule, fee, agreements and invoicing.
  • Collaborating with clients and leading teams and projects.
  • Independently coordinate work of Project Architects and balance multidiscipline team throughout the entire project’s development.
  • Establish client relations and be involved with marketing, contractual, design and production meetings.
  • Participate in reviews with various governing agencies for code compliance.
  • Coordinate workload through entire project development to complete documents on schedule.
  • Track financial aspects of projects, and coordinate and adjust work effort with team to ensure that work is completed within parameters of agreed-to schedule.
  • Assign and delegate tasks to teams and manage while simultaneously maintaining responsibility for project documentation and executing the design vision.

What you will bring

  • Be a California licensed Architect with a minimum of 12+ years’ experience, with recent HCAI experience.
  • Be proficient with accounting, resource planning, project/drawing management tools.
  • Possess knowledge of capabilities, requirements and impact on project documentation strategy of drawing and production software.
  • Excellent communication skills through verbal, written and graphic communication formats, including the ability to act as translator among diverse consultant teams.
  • Can prioritize and evaluate multiple important tasks.
  • Possess advanced critical thinking to identify strengths, weakness or alternate solutions to a problem independently, including professional judgement and decision-making processes to determine the most appropriate course of action.
  • Possess advanced leadership skills that motivate and guide teams and project to desired outcomes.
  • Be experienced in project scheduling, budget, managing contracts, and monitoring financial progress.
  • Possess advanced technical expertise to review, comment and develop creative ideas in relation to consultants’ review and comment on the consultants’ work, verify and ultimately select systems and recommendations that t project’s goals.

It will be better if you

  • have experience with integrated project delivery, including Design/Build.
  • have experience with LEAN and Agile project management methodologies and tools.

What is in it for you

  • A learning environment where you’ll be encouraged to research and pursue the latest products and technologies to materialize your architectural creativity.
  • The opportunity to merge personal passions or interests you may have for architecture and construction with your professional path.
  • The opportunity for professional growth and taking on more responsibilities within a creative and dynamic work environment.
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