COVID-19 Resources

As an architect every day and with every project, you make a contribution to the built environment. You overcome unimaginable odds – you persist because you’re passionate about this profession and its contributions to society. As you look to the future, you know more changes lay ahead. In these unprecedented times your skills and knowledge are significant to tackling the challenges today.

We are receiving a large amount of information that is changing daily. Compiling and consolidating items that are most useful to you is something that we are making a priority. Please share your ideas and experience with us at

Donate: How Can You Help

If you are able, please consider making a direct donation to the Center for Architecture + Design. Our public programs have been especially hard hit by postponed events. Your generosity will help us provide digital resources during this time, in addition to making it possible for us to ramp these programs back up when we reopen, and to keep them accessible to as broad a group of community members as possible.