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Please complete the form below to submit your event for approval to be published on the AIASF Event Calendar.

  • Events must be submitted for approval at least two weeks prior to the event date
  • The submission must include an event description, speaker or presentation names and bios
  • Three images are required and specifications are listed below. Preferred images must have less than 25% text overlay in order to be in align with social media platform requirements
  • The approved event will be listed on the Calendar home page and have it's own event page to display event information. In addition, the event will be included in AIASF weekly newsletters and the following AIASF social platforms; Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter. Relevant events in alignment with the current industry topics will additionally be posted on LinkedIn at the discretion of AIASF.

The image specifications including sizes and resolutions are the following:

  • Event Image 1 (Featured Image) – 300 px X 300 px 150 dpi in the right column (Event icon)
  • Event Image 2 (event page) – 720 px X 300 px, 150 dpi
  • Event Image 3 (event page) - 720 px X 300 px, 150 dpi

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  • Separate tags with commas.
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  • Type in URL of webite for ticket sales and RSVPs.
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