Small Firms Great Projects FAQs

Small Firms Great Projects FAQs

Q: Do the projects need to be located in the San Francisco Bay Area to be considered?
A: No, but the firm does need to be based in the Bay Area to be considered.

Q: Do the projects have a “time of construction or design” constraint?
A: For built projects, construction must have been completed within 5 years of the final submission deadline. 

Q: Are firms allowed to submit non-housing projects?
A: Yes, featured work and firm profiles may include other project types or client sectors and will be accepted. Editorial articles will focus on projects/ideas to align with the 2024 theme of innovative processes shaping our city. Participants are invited to pitch articles to highlight the variety of ways small firms are enhancing the Bay Area’s built environment.

Q: And are we allowed to do more than “one” 2-page spread, or are we limited to a “two-page” spread per firm?
A: Yes, firms are welcome to submit more than one two-page spread.

Q: Can I submit an editorial piece outside of the suggested topics?
A: For the 2024 edition of Small Firms, Great Projects, we encourage firms to get creative and submit unique and innovative ideas for the editorial piece(s) that focus on innovative processes and highlights the variety of ways small firms are making a difference in our local communities. Priority will be given to articles that connect with the theme of enhancing the Bay Area’s built environment by exploring the processes and policies shaping our city.

Q: Can firms with 20 or more employees participate?
A: SFGP is limited to firms with 19 or fewer staff.  

Q: I’m not a small firm, can I still participate in SFGP?
A: Yes! There are a number of advertising opportunities available, email for details.

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