Community Alliance Awards

Since 2015, the Center for Architecture + Design and AIA San Francisco’s Community Alliance Awards has honored 100+ individuals, firms, and organizations whose overall work, leadership, and dedication has shaped the character and vibrancy of our communities and the future of our built environment.

This year, Sandra I. Vivanco, AIA, SEED — a long-time friend of the AIA San Francisco Chapter, Bay Area architect, and educator — passed away in her home after a year-long battle with cancer. We celebrate Sandra and her incredible body of work by dedicating the Community Alliance Education Award in Sandra’s honor.

In addition to the annual awards program, our ongoing Community Builders Series recognizes the contributions of an array of extraordinary individuals and organizations for their service to the Chapter, to the community, and to the profession. Their continued efforts to engage, educate, collaborate, and advocate elevates the value of design and its impact on the experiences of our daily lives.

2019 Recipients

  • Fay Darmawi, SF Urban Film Fest
  • Public Knowledge
  • Tom Brutting, FAIA, HKIT Architects
  • Karin Payson, AIA, Karin Payson architecture + design
  • Michael Robbins, AIA, Studio Robbins Cortina
  • Edgar Lopez, AIA, San Francisco Public Works 
  • Shalini Agrawal, California College of the Arts
  • Irene Cheng, California College of the Arts 
  • Samantha Buckley, Gensler
  • Anand Sheth, AIA, Studio BBA
  • SITELAB urban studio

  • CleanPowerSF
  • Jeff Joslin, San Francisco Planning Department
  • Catherine Barner, Golden Gate National Parks Conservancy
  • Cathy Simon, FAIA, Cathy Simon FAIA Architecture and Urbanism
  • West Oakland Environmental Indicators Project
  • The 826 Build Team
  • VP Consulting SF
  • Y-PLAN
  • "The Remittance City: Reallocating Resources in Manila's Living Cemeteries"
    by Allison Foronda, M.Arch, California College of the Arts
  • Kenta Oye, Academy of Art University School of Architecture

Past Awardees

  • San Francisco Mayor's Office of Housing and Community Development (2015)
  • Carla Jean Johnson, City and County of San Francisco, Mayor's Office on Disability* (2016)
  • Steven H. Oliver, Oliver Ranch (2016)
  • Community Arts Stabilization Trust (2017)
  • San Francisco Department of the Environment (2017)
  • Civic Center Commons (2018)
  • The Golden Gate National Parks Conservancy (2018)
  • Charles M. Salter Associates (2015)
  • Paul Adamson, FAIA TCA Architects (2015)
  • Catherine Nueva-España (2016)
  • Associated Lighting Representatives (2016)
  • John Sealander, AIA, Ratcliff (2016)
  • Ed Ong, FAIA (2017)
  • Joel Tomei, FAIA (2017)
  • Julia Cooper, Kerri McShea, + Gianna Gard, HOK, AIASF Relocation Visioning Consultants (2018)
  • Neal Schwartz, AIASchwartz and Architecture (2018)
  • Rose McNulty, AIA, Asian Neighborhood Design* (2016)
  • John Schlesinger, AIA, John Schlesinger, A.I.A., Architect (2016)
  • David Meckel, FAIA, California College of the Arts (2017)
  • Bill Burke, AIAPG&E (2018)
  • David Gast, AIAGast Architects (2018)
  • June Grantblink!LAB (2018)
  • Build San Francisco Institute (2015)
  • Leap, Arts in Education (2015)
  • Archibald Woo, AIA, Wooarchitecture (2016)
  • Center for Art and Public Life, California College of the Arts (2017)
  • Sandra Vivanco, AIA SEED, California College of the Arts (2017)
  • Gail BragerUC Berkeley (2018)
  • Miriam ChionUC Berkeley (2018)
  • Daniel Johnson, WRNS (2015)
  • Lily Weeks, Assoc. AIA, WRNS (2016)
  • KIDmob (2016)
  • Je'Nen Chastain, Assoc. AIA, Heller Manus (2017)
  • Amélie-Phaine Crowe, Assoc. AIA, DLR Group | Kwan Henmi (2017)
  • Janette KimAll of the Above (2018)
  • Francesca Oliveira, AIASOM (2018)
  • Herman Coliver Locus Architecture (2015)
  • Siegel & Strain Architects (2016)
  • The Community Design Center (2016)
  • David Baker Architects (2017)
  • Paulett Taggart Architects (2018)
  • PYATOK | architecture + urban design (2018)
  • Lizzy Hirsch, San Francisco Department of Public Works (2015)
  • Diana Sokolove, San Francisco Planning Department (2016)
  • Robin Abad Ocubillo, San Francisco Planning Department (2017)
  • Phil Ginsburg, San Francisco Recreation and Park Department (2017)
  • John DennisSan Francisco Public Works (2018)
  • Myrna MelgarJamestown Community Center (2018)
  • Sarah MinickSan Francisco Public Utilities Commission (2018)
  • Michael Bernard, Virtual Practice Consulting (2015)
  • Roland Lau, Perkins Eastman (2015)
  • Doris Guerrero, AIA, California College of the Arts (2016)
  • Prescott Reavis, Asian Neighborhood Design (2017)
  • AIASF Latinos in Architecture Committee (2018)
  • ACT Strand Theater (2015)
  • Friends of the Urban Forest (2015)
  • PROXY (2016)
  • 826 Valencia (2017)
  • Bayview Opera House (2017)
  • FOR-SITE Foundation (2017)
  • Brava Theater Center (2018)
  • Imprint City (2018)
  • 1+ program of Public Architecture (2015)
  • CUESA (Center for Urban Education about Sustainable Agriculture) (2015)
  • Precita Eyes Muralists Association (2015)
  • Deanna Van Buren, Designing Justice + Designing Spaces & FOURM design studio (2016)
  • Lava Mae (2016)
  • Rebuilding Together San Francisco (2016)
  • Asian Neighborhood Design (2017)
  • La Cocina (2017)
  • Donald Falk, Tenderloin Neighborhood Development Center (2017)
  • Sam MossMission Housing Development Corporation (2018)
  • Cindy WuChinatown Community Development Center (2018)
  • Youth Art Exchange (2018)
  • ARH 250 Studio, California College of the Arts (2016)
  • Guerrilla Street Museum, Academy of Art University (2016)

Awards Briefs

Alliance Award

Recognition of an organization or individual outside the profession who has made significant contributions to the improvement of the Bay Area’s built environment. Contributions may include advancement or development of initiatives that promote excellence in architecture; the commissioning of notable additions to the built environment; or activities that raise the public’s consciousness of the importance of excellent design in the shaping of our world and culture.

Citizen Architect Award

To recognize an individual who uses insight, talent, training, and experience to contribute meaningfully, beyond self, to the improvement of the community and human condition.

Mentor Award

Recognition of an organization or individual for their commitment in guiding their fellow professionals as they progress through all stages of their career.

Firm Achievement Award

Recognition of an architecture or design firm for outstanding contributions to the community, advancement of the profession, intern development, or for producing distinguished architecture.

Local Government Award

Recognition of an elected or appointed organization or individual, public administrator, or institutional leader who establishes and contributes to the development of laws, regulations, policies, or initiatives that promote excellence in architecture.

Revitalization Award

Recognition of property owners, developers, and neighborhood organizations who have enhanced the local community by making significant improvements to their properties or invigorated the culture, which has, in turn, had a positive impact on the surrounding area.

Emerging Professional Award

Recognition of an architect, architectural designer, or design firm practicing 10 years or fewer who exemplifies the highest qualities of leadership and demonstrates an unparalleled commitment to AIA San Francisco, to the design and construction industry, to the community, or to other professional organizations.

Education Award

Recognition of an organization or individual for excellence in the advancement of architectural education through teaching, design, scholarship, research, or service.

Student Award

Recognition of an individual student, student team, student organization, or student organization who has demonstrated a commitment to the community or the building industry.

Social Impact Award

Recognition of an organization or individual for extended commitment to community service or significant contribution evidenced by a positive impact on urban, environmental, or neighborhood issues.

Chapter Service Award

Recognition of the work of an organization or individual who, by their skill, professionalism, dedication, ability, commitment, or volunteer contributions, has consistently advanced the common goals of AIA San Francisco.


Annabelle Udo-O'Malley
Manager, Public Programs