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A New Hub for all Things Architecture + Design

AIASF is working with Aidlin Darling Design and a talented team of collaborators from across the Bay Area to build a cultural destination on the ground floor space of the historic Hallidie Building. The new Center for Architecture + Design will be a global nexus for designers to discuss and disseminate design's potential to solve the environmental and social problems facing our community and planet. The Center's bookstore, gallery, and lecture halls will further fill the Bay Area’s critical need for public design education.

Together, with the support of our community, we have the opportunity to create an enduring hub dedicated to inspiring, educating, and engaging audiences of all ages to discover design’s power to improve the quality of our everyday lives.

“Rigorous design, at all scales, is not only exciting but desperately needed. We have a rare opportunity to create a public space that will inspire our community through visual media, as well as the written and spoken word.

– Joshua Aidlin, FAIA
   Founding Partner at Aidlin Darling Design


The Future of Architecture — The Center’s Story

Industry leaders, community advocates, and AIA members share why they believe the new Center for Architecture + Design will make a lasting impact on our community.

“The street-level presence will welcome the community to participate in the future thinking of cities and places that are economically vibrant, culturally diverse, and distinctively healthier and more resilient.”

- Kamala Subbarayan, Google, Inc.
  Board President, Center for Architecture + Design


Watch the Testimonials

Thank You to Shape Your City Supporters

Forming a more accessible, expanded Center has been a project many years in the making. This expansion process would not be possible without the leadership and generosity of AIA members, industry allies, and individual donors.

Over $3MM has been raised so far through in-kind contributions from generous donations. AIASF still needs to raise nearly $4MM to cover the construction costs.

AIASF's Dream Team

Design Team
Aidlin Darling Design
BCCI Construction
AR Green, LEED Consulting
Atelier 10
Murphy Burr Curry
NG Associates
PAE Engineers
Salter, Inc
Solomon Cordwell Buenz
The Preview Group
Tucci Lighting


Bruce Albert, AIA – Management
Chris Downey, Architecture for the Blind
David Hecht, AIA – Tannerhecht
Design Agency Co – PR
HOK – FF & E-Procurement
Richard Barnes – Photographer
Ryan Bukco – Art
Tamsin Orion – Filmmaker

Community of Benefactors


Carla and Paul Cooper, AIA
Charles Higueras, FAIA
Craig Hartman, FAIA and Jan O’Brien, AIA
Peter Noone, AIA
William Valentine, FAIA

Circle of Friends

Adrianne Steichen, AIA
Alexander Seidel, FAIA
Anjali Iyer
ARCHVISTA Consulting
Bonnie Bridges, AIA
Carrie Byles, FAIA
Cathy Simon, FAIA
CeeJay Dawes
Chris Pemberton, AIA
Clark Manus, FAIA
Darryl Roberson, FAIA
David Hecht, AIA
Dennis Paoletti, FAIA
Dolma Chuteng
Ellen Lou, FAIA
Erika Thost
Feldman Architecture
Forell/Elsesser Engineers, Inc.
Gray Dougherty, AIA

Greg Novicoff, AIA
Gregory Mottola, FAIA
Howard Wong, AIA
Jeffrey Heller, FAIA
Jerri Holan + Associates
Jessica Lane, AIA
Joel Tomei, FAIA
Karen Cribbins-Kuklin, AIA
Kirk Miller, FAIA
Levine Architects
Mark Horton, FAIA
Mark Jensen, FAIA
May Choi
Michael Bade, AIA
Michael McCall, AIA
Michael Stanton, FAIA
Nathan Ogle, AIA
Nick Noyes, FAIA
Patrycja Dragan
Peter Pfau, FAIA

Richard Pollack, FAIA
Rick Johnson
Robert Bracamonte, FAIA
Robert Herman, FAIA
Ronald Brocchini, FAIA
Rosa Sheng, FAIA
Stacy Williams
Stanford Hughes, FAIA
Stanley Lew, AIA
Steven Stept, AIA
Steven Wiesenthal, FAIA
Strachan Forgan, AIA
Thomas Braham, FAIA
Tim Culvahouse, FAIA
Tim Stevens, AIA
Tucci Lighting
William Higgins, FAIA
William Roger, FAIA
Yakuh Askew, AIA

In-Kind Materials + Services

3QC Inc
Acosta and Sons
Acoustical Interiors
Archoustics West & LogiSon Acoustic Network
Architectural Components Group, Inc
Architectural Enclosures
Armstrong Ceiling & Wall Solutions
BKF As-Built Scanning
CAL Lighting
California Accent Lighting, Inc.
CMG Premier
De Anza Tile
C.E. Toland
Cooper Lighting
Commercial Casework

Complete Drywall
DPW Inc.
Eaton Electrical
Flex Lighting
Golden State Lumber
Habitat Horticulture
Hilti North America
IAC Acoustics
Innovative Mechanical
Insight Lighting
Kinetics Noise Control
Magic Leap
Majestic Floors
MechoShade Systems

Metro Electric
Meyer Sound
Mission Bell
Mohawk Industries
Monticelli Painting
Osram & Encelium Extend
Pagnini Electric
RE Edwards/Thrislington
RS Analysis
Sherwin Williams
Somfy Systems, Inc
Space Theory, a HenryBuilt Co.
Stewart Film Screen
Terra Visual
Yellowgoat Design
Young Electric

In the Press

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The 140 Fund

Help build the Center for Architecture + Design
Contributions may be deductible as trade or business expenses.

Contribute to The 140 Fund

Expand the Center's Programs

Help grow the Center's educational and program offerings
Donations are tax-deductible to the extent allowed by law.

Donate to Expand Programs

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Expand the Center

Donate to expand the Center's educational and program offerings. Donations are tax-deductible to the extent allowed by law.

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