Contract Documents

Find AIA Contract Documents online or in paper. Not sure which contract to buy? AIA contracts and forms are now recognized as industry-standard documents for architects, engineers, attorneys, owners and all others parties involved in a construction project.

AIA Contract Document Categories

To purchase AIA Contract Documents in paper please email or order online from the AIA Store. To find local AIA Contract Documents distributors click here. The AIA does not set the prices for documents sold by local distributors. Please contact your local distributor to obtain information about their prices.

Purchasing Online Contract Documents 

AIA National handles sales and technical electronic contract document software. There are four license structures currently available: Meter 100 (annual license, permits 100 document units per year, AIA members only); Meter 300 (annual license, permits 300 document units per year); Unlimited Annual License (unlimited document unit usage for one year); and the Multi-Seat Unlimited Annual License (sold in seat quantities of 5, 10, 20, 30, 40, 50 and higher. This is suitable for firms with several different office locations).

Costs vary from $159 for Document 100 License (AIA member), to $21,259 for Multi-Seat Unlimited License (nonmember) price. Please visit the AIA National website for more information.

AIA Contract Documents on Demand

Documents on Demand is a web-based solution that allows you to access the most popular AIA Contract Documents electronically. This service is cost-effective for practitioners that only use a few contracts a year. Please visit AIA National for more information.

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