Uber Advanced Technologies Group R&D Center

2020 Historic Preservation Commendation

Uber Advanced Technologies Group is a self-driving technologies engineering team whose R&D Center is housed within historic Pier 70 in San Francisco. The Center’s four massive buildings, constructed between 1885 and 1937 for ship repair, now extend the site’s legacy of transportation endeavors into the 21st Century.

Restrained reinhabitation contrasts sleek, minimalist insertions with the raw surfaces of an abandoned factory complex. A great job retaining the utter amazing-ness of the existing building.

Marcy Wong Donn Logan Architects

General Contractor
Nibbi Brothers

GLS Landscape

Nabih Youssef Associates

Civil Engineer
Sherwood Design Engineers

Mechanical Engineer
Engineering 350

Architecture & Light

Historic Architecture Consultant
Preservation Architecture

Fire/Life Safety/Code Consulting

Billy Hustace Photography