Big Ranch Road

2018 Architecture Merit Award

Sited amidst a lush vineyard and modern sculpture garden, this century-old hay barn was relocated and transformed into an entertainment pavilion of glass, steel, and concrete that is as much art as architecture. Inside, two glass cubes anchor the space, capturing the ever-changing interplay of landscape, light, and visual illusion.

This is an absolutely exquisite use of an existing century-old hay barn. A daring and whimsical insertion of mirrored, conditioned boxes into a salvaged, slatted barn creates a beautiful respite from the wine country summer. The careful application of mirrors amplifies the rustic while avoiding the trivial game of material contrast. The correspondence with the landscape is wonderful, with pathways extending axially and fields reflected. This is architecture for the soul and mind.

William Duff Architects

General Contractor
Centric General Contractors

Geotechnical Consultant
Bauer Associates Geotechnical Consultants

Napa County, Building Division

Historic Resource Consultant
PAST Consultants, LLC

Robert William Dailey Design & Decoration

Steve Arns

Eric Johnson Associates

Structural Engineer
GFDS Engineers

Energy Consultant
Title 24 Data Crop

Matthew Millman Photography