Maningrida Arts + Culture Precinct

Maningrida Arts + Culture Precinct

Hassell + Architects Without Borders
Year: 2019-ongoing | Location: Maningrida, Northern Territory, Australia | Client: Bawinanga Aboriginal Corporation, Maningrida Arts and Culture

Hassell is working with Architects Without Frontiers, the Bawinanga Aboriginal Corporation and Maningrida Arts and Culture on a vital cultural hub for this remote community in Australia’s Northern Territory. The proposed project connects the separate Djómi Museum and Bábbarra Women’s Centre in a precinct focusing on the history, traditions and art of the community and region.

Maningrida – called Manayingkarírra by the Kunibidji people, the traditional owners of the land – is one of the most multi-lingual communities per capita in the world. Less than 3000 people live there but it serves more than 30 regional outstations and homelands.

The design process revolved around conversations with these local people, whose voices illuminate the powerful connection between place and cultural and artistic expression in Maningrida.

Well-known artists and community leaders designed the two linked buildings, each with a distinct personality, shape and orientation to reflect its function and meet the needs of locals, operators and visitors – including a potential international audience.