Urban Design + Infrastructure Committee

The civic realm of any city reflects the values and aspirations of its leaders, residents and workers.  Due to its natural setting, San Francisco is globally recognized as one the most remarkable cities on earth.

Architects, through their unique combination of aesthetic skills, technical knowledge and ability to understand and shape three-dimensional form have historically provided significant contributions to the form of our cities. In addition, many architects contribute to civic spaces, landscapes, and infrastructure projects through collaborative work with allied professionals.

We believe it is both the role and obligation of architects to serve in this capacity and contribute their skills to our shared public spaces.

We envision a city in which civic space, and the role of urban design in shaping it, is enhanced through the collaborative action of architects, urbanists, allied design professionals, governmental agencies, and private entities.

Our mission is to advocate for 1) the appreciation and improvement of San Francisco’s civic realm, and 2) the increased contribution of design professionals in shaping that civic realm.

We have aligned our mission and activities with the three core objectives of AIA San Francisco:

  1. 1. Collaborate: We will collaborate with the following groups to bring innovative urban design concepts to San Francisco:
      • AIA-SF committees and leadership structure
      • AIASF members
      • National and regional AIA committees with similar interests
  2. 2. Advocate: We will advocate for the maintenance and improvement of San Francisco’s public realm through activities that may include:
      • Speaking at public events
      • Opinion pieces
      • Serving on advisory panels
  3. 3. Advance: We will advance the mission of AIASF and this committee through specific projects and initiatives, which may include:
      • Design standards
      • Neighborhood tours
      • Project Tours

Our focus is on shared public space in San Francisco, including streets, parks, plazas, and other civic environments.  We will focus on the following topics related to public space:

  1. 1. Design, construction, and maintenance.
  2. 2. The responsibilities of government agencies.
  3. 3. The role of private developers.
  4. 4. Climate change and its potential impacts on the City.
  5. 5. Education and awareness.

We welcome the contributions of all interested professionals and the general public to our mission.


Second Thursday of the month, 12:00 - 1:00 PM


Georgia Sarkin, AIA

Allison Albericci, AIA

Laura Williams, AIA

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